Features Included in our Receptionist Services

All features come included at no extra charge with all of our plans. Value for your business is a top priority.

Live call answering

Our friendly, professional, US-based receptionists will make sure all your incoming calls are answered promptly and handled according to your specific instructions.

We can book appointments, take messages, transfer calls, answer questions, or even hang up on telemarketers. Allow us to handle the phones while you handle your business.

Outbound calls

Our Epic Receptionists can do more than just answer calls; we can make calls for you as well.

Our outbound calls can perform many services: from appointment reminders to follow-up sales calls. We can even make a dinner reservation! - you name it. The ability to customize our outbound feature to fit your needs means less day to day stress for you. Just give us the details, and we can make the calls.

Dedicated receptionists team

No robots or impersonal call centers answer your phone at Epic Receptionists. Instead, we provide you with a small dedicated team to answer all your calls. You and your receptionist team will become familiar with each other and be able to communicate directly. This way, Epic Receptionists can operate as an extension of your business.

Call summary delivered via email

A member of your receptionist team will capture any and all information about the caller and send you a summary via email or text after each call. This way, you can always be in the loop with your phone calls and your business.

Have a specific piece of information you want from each caller? Maybe a particular question you want each caller to answer? No problem! We can customize what information we capture at no extra cost.

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Call screening and forwarding

Don’t get caught off guard with calls you don’t want.

Your team of receptionists will pass along only the calls you want or expect. We will screen and announce any phone calls before we transfer them to you. And if you are not available at that moment, we will take a message from the call and send it to you via email or text.

You can forward and not forward your calls according to your schedule, whether that’s all the time, a couple of hours a day, or a few days a week.

Call overflow

Missing customers because you are too busy with other customers is one of the worst feelings an entrepreneur can experience. We can make sure this never happens again! We can design a plan where your phone rings a certain amount of times before Epic Receptionists takes over. This feature gives you peace of mind and allows you to attend to the business at hand.

Appointment scheduling

Scheduling appointments is a vital task, but your expertise is best applied elsewhere in your business. Our receptionists can access your online calendar (Google Calendar, iCalendar, or Office365) and book an appointment based on your availability.

Custom call answering experience

We don’t expect every business to have the same cookie-cutter greeting with an identical way to collect information from their customers. Epic Receptionists will happily answer calls the exact way you want them to be answered. Just provide a customized script, and we will do the rest.

Have a specific piece of information you want from each caller? Maybe a particular question to ask? No problem! We can customize and capture any information you want.

Custom voicemail, delivered via email

Our Epic Receptionists are here to handle any incoming calls when you are not able to. But everyone needs some well-deserved rest once in a while. Any calls received outside of our hours of operation will be sent to your custom voicemail box. We will send any voicemails you receive as an audio attachment to your email.

Toll-free or local number included

Keep your existing phone number! We will provide you with a local or toll-free phone number that is unique to your business. You then would forward your current business calls to that number, or if you prefer, publish the number we provide you with on your website, online business listings, and marketing materials.

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All receptionists are US-based
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